the company is the official media office for Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO)

The company produced many programs and obtained number of certificates and international awards.

It has many artistic achievements such as the following:

• [The meaningful Dialogue] is a program in 25 episodes. It hosts guests like professors who care for Arabic & Eastern affairs in the European continent. They discuss significant matters concerning the Future of Arab Minority in Europe.
• [Jasmine & Cement] TV series consists of 12 episodes. This series talks about the conflict between good & evil, and focuses on some positive samples of Arab emigrants to the European countries. The series was translated into many languages and was sold for more than 20 TV channels and won many prizes.
• Executive producer for the European Magazine program which is transmitted through Dubai satellite channel for ten years.
• Executive producer for “A Massage from Europe” program which is transmitted for two years on the premier channel of Saudi Arabia Television.